The sleek, uncomplicated profile of the Gab Lounge is inspired by the masters of Danish Modernism – creating a chair that is sensitive to the past while delivering a contemporary aesthetic. The Gab Lounge offers a moment of relaxation, welcoming you to the workplace.

Designed by a trained blacksmith, Spire’s form is a lesson in expert metalwork – focusing on slim pieces of powder coated steel that remain strong to support the stone top. The slender and balanced design exudes simplicity with a slim tapered leg rising into the flat stone table top.

Ecosystems at Work

We invite you to discover our Ecosystems. A pre-determined set of interlinked modules or rules, designed to depend on each other to evolve and adapt within interior architecture. We provide timely, sustainable responses to an industry seeing essential changes, where demand for conscious, long-term solutions and future-proofing will be the natural order. Discover our Ecosystems and immerse yourself in our evolving world.