For the cloud-based software company Braze, moving into their new office was a chance to bring colleagues back to the office after a long stint during the pandemic within a coworking space.

Taking over two of the top floors within the recently refurbished Exchange Square by London’s Liverpool Street station, Braze appointed Design & Build firm AIS to complete the colourful, wellbeing focused workplace. AIS brought on furniture partner By-Bailey to deliver the scheme in the latter part of 2022.

Having previously occupied co-working spaces, this was the first big office real estate journey for the Braze team. Keen to get people engaged with the workplace coming out of the pandemic we helped Braze to create a workspace that really felt like theirs and help inspire their team with a meaningful brand connection.

Braze exists to connect brands and consumers by creating relevant and meaningful customer-centric interactions. Much like their constantly evolving business platform, they wanted the next evolution of their office real estate to embody the same passion that goes into their work and create a meaningfully branded space that would help foster staff engagement and interaction. – AIS

The 4T System Booths, freestanding

Working closely with By-Bailey, Icons was tasked with providing a significant specification of products over the 48,000 sqft. From collaboration and meeting settings, to lounge chairs, sofas and booth seating, several areas contain Icons’ furniture pieces.

Of note are the variation of 4T System configurations that are situated around the space. Specified for different activities around the office, the 4T System uses a wide selection of standard components to facilitate the needs of employees.

Around the collaboration zones are Booth configurations with bank sofas, tables and AV integration for spontaneous or one on one meetings.

Back to Back booths with bank sofas and tables integrated into the system.
The booths facilitate spontaneous or 1 on 1 meetings throughout the workspace
4T System booth details - AV integration and Planter Boxes

Contrasting the nearby closed-in pods used for individual phone calls, more 4T System booths designed to fit 2-4 people are situated within the quieter areas of the space. With open sides, the booths create a spontaneous meeting space for colleagues, while still providing an element of privacy without complete isolation.

Open 4T System Booths contrast with the closed pods

Collaborative areas and spaces to facilitate employee interaction are key to AIS’s design of the office. Several Facit High Tables, finished with a natural oak veneer, are dotted around the open office plan. The settings offer an additional style of workstation which further helps the creation of casual meetings or small group workshops.

According to AIS “The initial reason for the relocation was purely the expansion of the Braze team, but as we progressed through the discovery stage we found that the Braze team were keen to get staff back into the office post pandemic and create a space where staff could feel at home and love spending time.

Our design response achieved this by creating a hospitality-like experience with plenty of open working spaces to encourage interactions between staff from across the entire business.”

Bark Lounge chairs
Brightly colours Smile Lounge chairs sit within the atrium

This is clear in the furniture and finishes choices throughout the lounge and breakout spaces. Colourful upholstery was chosen to furnish several Smile Lounge & Bark Lounge chairs that sit overlooking the city skyline and atrium.

Within the dedicated quiet spaces, Arena 5 Star base chairs surround individual spaces for employees who need to do any focused work. A meeting chair that provides exceptional comfort with its curved lumbar support, arm rests and height adjustment, the Arena chair supports the user for longer activities.

Dedicated individual hot desking spaces with the Arena 5 Star chair
Quieter areas within the office use our Arena chairs, supporting more time intensive activities
Bespoke library lights made to fit into the Facit table, exclusively by Icons of Denmark for the project

Collaboration spaces within the office are plentiful. The ethos of Braze encourages employees to seek out personal interactions and connect with their colleagues on a daily basis. As such, the team instructed AIS to create large scale collaboration spaces within open-plan areas –  evoking transparency, team work, and community.

Long Facit Tables are a prominent feature within these spaces. Finished with oak veneer, and a clear oak lacquer, the tables bring natural warmth to the space.

Facit High Tables with cable integration for neatness
Facit Unlimited workstations with oak veneer top, and Arena 5 Star base.

Products used in this project