Hee Welling

Hee Welling is a Danish designer educated at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He established his own studio in Copenhagen in 2003 and works within the fields of furniture, interior and industrial design. His work has been awarded several prizes, including – the Bo Bedre Design Award (Denmark), the Good Design Award (USA), the New Danish Art Foundation (Denmark) and he has been nominated Danish Designer of the Year 2013 by the Danish magazine – Boligmagasinet.

Philosophy & Approach
Asked about his studio’s work, Welling suggests:

“We create objects that are simple and useful, with an honest and careful use of materials. Each detail needs to have a purpose and a clean visual expression, defining the essence of each object and giving each piece of design a unique and strong identity. Everything is made with a respect and connection to our roots – the Scandinavian design tradition.”

This philosophy is expressed in the simple geometries and playful contours of Welling’s concepts. All superfluity and ornamentation have been stripped from his designs, leaving long-lasting impressions, while ensuring the design does not compromise its purpose.

Designed By Hee Welling