Hee Welling

Hee Welling is an award-winning designer based in Copenhagen. His philosophy is expressed in the simple geometries and spirited contours of his products, focusing on simple useful products that pursue an honest, careful use of materials. Geometrical shapes and playful contours reoccur within his designs, while ornamentation is seen as superfluous to his work.

Having already designed multiple products for Icons, in 2020 the 4T System was launched, one of his most significant and complex products to date.

“The whole concept of making a system that can work as walls, as dividers, as booths, is really interesting. I think zoning is a common challenge in the market right now, that we needed to find an adaptable solution for. The way people are travelling, moving around and using environments, has changed a lot for office spaces, and this system helps support these changes.”

Having created a number of workplace designed products, Welling is familiar with how to optimise his designs for this purpose.

“The workplace has changed a lot. A few years ago, the workplace was quite ‘copy and paste’, from one office to another. Right now, people want to put their own personal touch on it, a more ‘homey’ feeling of warmth – creating a place where they really like to be, rather than somewhere which looks very industrial.”

Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Welling follows in the footsteps of Denmarks’ great designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Nana Ditzel and others. His work has been awarded several prizes, including – the Bo Bedre Design Award (Denmark), the Good Design Award (USA), the New Danish Art Foundation (Denmark).

Read more about the development of the 4T system and Wellings approach to design here. 

Designed By Hee Welling