Hans Thyge & Co.

Hans Thyge, founder of successful design studio Hans Thyge & Co is an established furniture designer based in Denmark. After receiving his training at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, Hans worked as a stage designer for the theatre group “Dueslaget” in Denmark and collaborated with some of Italy’s premier designers in Milan. Today, he leads his design studio, a talented collective that explores design through furniture, interiors and branding concepts.

“Many people think design is just about sketching until interesting things appear on the paper, but that is not true. All our expression – whether writing on a piece of paper or playing a piece of music is about revealing something within yourself and as such all expressions become a mirror of all the cultural experiences we have gained. Being an artist, musician or designer is about being able to transform all this heritage into imaginative images or forms. To tell stories that touch our emotions.”

For Thyge, all materials possess exciting properties that are to be challenged and brought out in the design process. They believe that design is a question of stimulating memories and dreams and paving the way for new design perspectives.

Hans suggests, “Design is about telling stories. When describing these stories, you need to be able to build up things in your mind or to let things come to your mind. If you then take the essence of this, Design is about “the power of imagination”.

Hans Thyge with his studio has designed the Forum, Woodstock, Arena and Crossover chair for Icons.

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Designed By Hans Thyge & Co.