Peter Barreth

Peter Barreth is a Danish furniture & product designer based in Aarhus, Denmark. As a third generation upholsterer, Peter has followed in his father’s footsteps – honing an invaluable education and exceptional skills in furniture making. With roots in traditional construction and upholstery techniques and a deep connection to Denmark, known the world over for its clean, unwavering principles in architecture and furniture design, Barreth reinterprets the mid-century design philosophy for the modern world – emphasising craftsmanship, detailing and natural materials to bring objects to life.

“My inspiration mainly comes from the German Bauhaus school, the Danish Design movement and those architectural traditions. The common aspect in these movements is that the designs are clean and use a simple form language. All additional decorations and adornments are cut away, leaving only a refined, elegant form.”

Learn more about his design process and their collaboration with Icons of Denmark in our interview with Peter and business partner, Henrik Lerche.

Designed By Peter Barreth