Mia Lagerman

While many designers often are accused of getting lost in the form or concept of their products, this safely cannot be said for Mia Lagerman. Her work makes you aware of the intense scrutiny she pays to the ultimate user of the products – driving home the mantra of form following function. Lagerman has established herself as a prominent pacesetter, working with some of world’s leading brands.

Designer of our Sky chair range, Lagerman takes a considered approach to designing furniture for the workplace. Since the launch of the original Sky Wood, the chair has now evolved into 7 different iterations, adapting the product into a thoughtfully designed, clever range of chairs.

“Not long after I finished design school, someone told me: ‘Everybody can make a chair Mia, but not everyone can make a stackable chair.’ From then on, I was driven by the idea of creating a stackable chair which was not only functional, but also delivered a strong design.”

Lagerman is a natural born creative thinker with simplicity at her heart. The designs she creates are based on Modern thinking of form following function.

“Inspiration is something that comes from within, something you possess. I feel it starts early in your childhood. Inspiration comes from your history, curiosity, your interests, certain phases of your life, what experiences you encountered along the way: all these things come together to create your platform of thinking. Over time you learn to work with it, build upon it, and then – it is your hard work. Researching, experimenting. Always having your eyes and ears open. Digging deeper to find the best solution for a particular project. Inspiration is part of your DNA as a designer.”

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Designed By Mia Lagerman