Create your team lounge

Providing a space to relax for the team is important. From Modular sofas, and supportive lounge chairs to moveable poufs and laptop tables, the space should feel comfortable to take a much-needed break or scheduled team time. 

Following an extensive study of ‘lounge’ activities, the Smile Lounge chair by Hee Welling is designed to support the postures of the modern workplace setting.

Bark is an exploration of materials and a lounge chair with sustainable principles at its heart. Comfortable and robust, the chair is supportive of the body with its wide back rest and soft cushions.

Low and reclined, the Crossover Lounge envelopes you, inviting you to stretch back into the seat for either personal contemplation or to engage in spur-of-the-moment conversations.

Firkant is a decorative and bold accent that perfectly complements lounge chairs and sofas, while also offering extra seating.

The Smile Lounge can be specified as a low-back chair. Perfect for lounge settings to maximise an open plan view, the chair still offers its signature active posture and supportive curves. The result is a playful look with organic curves contrasted by tight, classic lines.

The sleek, uncomplicated profile of the Gab Lounge is inspired by the masters of Danish Modernism. The lounge chair invites you to sit, ponder and ease into your environment, giving comfort as the arms of the chair support curves of the body.