Know your…Sofas

Know your… Sofas

Choosing a sofa, specifically for the workplace, is influenced by many factors. Will the sofa sit within a reception to make an impression? Is it for team breakouts? Or does it need to offer comfort, but also a sense of privacy?

Our work with architects and designers has led us to create a collection of sofas that each offer unique features. Each of our sofas are designed to support the needs and behaviours of workplace environments.

The rise of co-working spaces, flexible working practices and technology all bring freedom of choice to the workplace. Each worker can decide how they want to interact with their tasks, and where. Today’s workplace needs environments in which to focus, collaborate, socialise and relax – furniture, particularly sofas, are a vital component to these activities.

With this in mind, we have written a guide to help you choose the right sofa, based on the key considerations of your workplace.

The Ekko Sofa with the Spire Coffee Table, Smile Lounge and Gab Lounge

01 A welcome to the workplace

Ekko is an intuitive family of sofas and lounge chairs designed to complement architectural spaces. The exterior shape of the sofa responds cleanly to interior spaces, whilst the elegant curved cushioning provides a deep level of comfort, sensing and echoing the human body.

Ekko is a sofa that senses, harmoniously bringing together people and the modern work environment. It complements the surrounding interior architecture, through a clean-lined silhouette, aligning seamlessly with walls and division of space. The piped edging detail along the outline of the sofa, exemplifies the free-flowing, continuous profile. Inside the sofa, sculpted curves naturally shadow the form of those sitting in it, following the human body and providing plush comfort.

The Ekko family is available in 1, 2 and 3 seater configurations with either white pigmented oak, smoked or dark stained oak leg.

The Form Sofa, 3 Seater with the Bark Lounge and Spire Rectangular coffee table

02 First impressions with Form

First impressions are always the strongest. On arriving, a new space should invite you into it; providing visual and physical warmth while telling the compelling story of the company.

Inspired by the tight lines and minimalist aesthetic of Danish Modernism, Form creates a long-lasting first impression. The refined structure conceals a high-density premium foam cushioning retaining shape across their lifetime and ensuring the products longevity by offering a low maintenance solution.

Fitted and stitched by our master-upholsterers in Denmark; Form is the perfect choice for reception spaces.

Project Reference: 23 Capital by HUT Architecture

Situated throughout the workplace, Icons’ Form sofas provide supportive seating for 23 Capital’s community, highlighted through the reception area. Form aims to speak to the global design community by presenting a tight shape and refined aesthetic, referencing the sleek metropolitan feel of contemporary London.

23 Capital’s double height foyer features a group of four, 3-Seater Form sofas, helping to anchor the welcoming reception in the heart of the office. Holding their own, the sofas effortlessly fit into the design and echo the slick geometries of the architecture and overlooking balconies.

The Form Sofa within 23 Capital by Clippings and HUT Architecture
The EC1 Sofa with Spire Round coffee table

03 Shaping conversations around the EC1

Comfortable and informal, a casual meeting setting is a creative hub for gathering and disseminating information – finding those synergies in team-based work. The EC1 modular sofa is a complement to these settings, providing a space to gather, relax, converse and share.

Based on a range of modules, the sofa is designed to fit together whatever the combination. Atypical of many standard sofas, the EC1 has a raised seat height of 420mm optimised for increased comfort and supportive of workplace activities. Besides it’s comfort, the EC1 is a practical solution with it’s simple power integration available within any module.

Each module can be connected together; even the back sides of the sofa – perfect for creating back-to-back solutions and enhancing soft seating in areas with space constraints.

EC1 is the perfect sofa for informal meetings and work activities in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Project reference: Photobox Group, London

For Photobox Group’s new headquarters in central London, the design team at Oktra chose to specify a large EC1 sofa configuration within the large central atrium.

Using the sofa in a large open area, EC1 welcomes the team to come together, to collaborate and congregate socially. The EC1 provides a relaxed breakout area where staff can unwind, watching the big screen or using the power and data modules for laptop-based work.

The modularity of the system allows the team to move the pieces around to adapt the shape of the seating to their activities and needs.

The EC1 Sofa within the large atrium of Photobox Groups HQ in London
The Private High Back 2.5 Seater with Spire and Level coffee tables, and Smile Lounge with wood base

04 Creativity through connection with Private High Back

With its high screen walls, the Private sofa addresses privacy for commercial interiors, providing a space to focus on concentrative or collaborative work without the need for partitioning or room division. Available as a 1-, 2- and 2.5-seater sofa, with the option to create a box set, Private can be modified based on the needs of the environment. Similar to the EC1 Sofa, the Private has an increased seat height that works alongside a typical meeting chair.

Jesper Jensen, company owner suggests, “It’s a story of comfort and quiet situated within the hustle and bustle of a busy office. The Private High Back provides the perfect escape and really invites users to make the most of it.”

With optional power or television integration, the Private provides a multi-functional space for the spectrum of solo or small group workplace activities.

Project Reference: Girls Day School Trust, London

Following a relocation to the Verde Building in London, GDST desired a warm and inviting space that embraced their team’s work styles. With a distinct appreciation of Danish design, they chose a wide range of inspirational products from our collection, including the Private sofa.

To create comfortable, informal zones away from the open plan space; the Private High Back sofa was used as both a two-seater and box set – providing staff with the freedom to meet, collaborate or conduct focused work.

The Private High Back box set and 2 seater sofa in GDST
The Bank Sofa, integrated into our 4T System

05 Conversing and sharing with Bank

Challenging conventional purpose-built banquette seating options, the Bank comes in 3 different modules – a 1, 2 or corner seat module, allowing you to choose a configuration to suit your space. It’s reconfigurability allows you to repurpose the sofa as you expand or move to new premises extending it’s longevity.

Concealed within the sofa’s simple geometry is a plush comfort created by high-density foam and exceptional upholstering. Bank also allows for power integration within all modules giving greater accessibility to the users for their technological needs.

Project reference: Confidential Client

Situated within London’s newest sky-scraper, the Scalpel, sits a workplace project for an international tech client. The office layout designed around activity-based working is focused on creating zones for the diversity of workplace activities.

The clients chose the Bank sofa in both a single seat and two seater combination demonstrating the variety of purposes the sofa is suited for.


The Bank sofa as a 1 and 2 seater within the shared workspace of the tech firm