Icons of Denmark is now ISO Certified

Icons of Denmark is an ISO 14001 and 9001 certified company, but what does that really mean?

ISO 14001 recognises that Icons is striving to create more sustainable manufacturing processes. We are dedicated to improving this through a series of goals determined by an internal set of guidelines.

ISO 9001 has been awarded to demonstrate our commitment to optimising our quality procedures, ensuring our products are produced to the highest standard.

Icons of Denmark recognise the need to take the lead and create a more sustainable path for our business. Our products are continuously sought after for large scale projects worldwide, so it is important to us that we adhere to globally recognised environmental and quality systems standards.


The Sky Wood produced in Denmark with sustainable, certified wood from responsibly managed forests.

Of course, we are continuously looking for more ways to improve the sustainability of our business while also producing high-quality furniture, but our duty to the environment and the quality of our procedures do not stop at an ISO accreditation. Icons of Denmark is committed to creating a sustainable brand and here is how we plan to do so:

Wherever possible, all furniture and components will be manufactured in Denmark. Sourcing close to our production will further reduce our carbon footprint as well as contribute to the local economy. Where this is not possible, we will source our components and material from the European Union.

Each fabric in our standard will be eco label certified by a recognised governing body.

We will continue to promote hard wearing surfaces and finishes for our products to promote the longevity of the furniture.

All furniture pieces are and will be covered by a 5 year warranty suitable for commercial interior use.

All wood sourced for our furniture is from responsibly managed forests that are in line with European Union guidelines. Where possible we aim to source all wood from internationally certified, managed forests.

We have eliminated the use of toxic substances classed as CMR or Carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction, within our furniture and furniture components.


Icons production in Denmark. We are committed to fostering the craft of upholstery in Denmark and supporting the local economy.

Sustainable Designs

At Icons of Denmark we take a holistic approach to environmental design. During the concept phase of any product, we test the design and materials against our sustainability measures. We evaluate recyclability and waste generation; reimagining products to ensure renewable materials are introduced where possible. In short, this concept is a lifecycle philosophy that we instill throughout our entire organization

Our designers are committed to designing products with a focus on quality and longevity to assure a positive life cycle perspective, where our products can be used for generations.

The Bark Chair, made of renewable cork bark sitting alongside our Spire coffee table and the Form sofa - all designed to last.
The EC1 Sofa and Sky Chairs within Oktra's headquarters. Our furniture is designed to sustain use within high traffic areas, lasting for multiple generations of office fit-outs.

Our commitment

Icons of Denmark are continuing to asses all aspects of their business through a quality and sustainability lens. Our ISO accreditation recognises our continued commitment to improving standards across the entire business and we are dedicated to producing the highest quality furniture for modern work while creating a more sustainable future for everyone.