Oktra HQ Hatton Gardens, London

Oktra’s recently completed headquarters in London’s Hatton Garden shows their philosophy to ‘transform working lives’ does not just apply to their UK wide client base.

The new office for rotating over 110 staff members is a design based on the needs of their dedicated workforce, allowing flexibility, collaboration, and encouraging enthusiasm for the products and philosophies they work by.

The fit-out of the office will be SKA Gold accredited, highlighting Oktra’s commitment to building a sustainable future for their clients and colleagues alike.

Spread over 12,246 sqft the building is light and open plan, prioritising an ease of flow around the various working and breakout areas. Large floor to ceiling windows capitalise on the light and allow the staff to see the historic area of Hatton Garden in London.

Each area is carefully considered to address its purpose. Where there are hot desks provided, comfortable sofas and lounge chairs are offered right beside to allow open dialogue between employees from different departments. While the dedicated desking spaces are surrounded by greenery to promote healthy air and situated next to large windows, adding to the biophilic aims of the design.

Sky Wood chairs in Oak finish

Sam Chellingworth, Furniture Sales Director at Oktra describes the choices he made in furnishing with Icons of Denmark products:

“We are keen believers that you should ‘love where you work’. It was really important to engage our staff from the outset and give them the opportunity to select products from a group of options. Icons of Denmark products perform well from a functional perspective but they also contribute to an environment that blends home comfort with workplace efficiency.

As our new home is also a tool to demonstrate the quality we can offer our clients, the Icons products guarantee the level quality that Oktra expect from our suppliers.”

The EC1 Sofa in Coda 2 by Kvadrat and the Sky Wood chairs

Icons of Denmark’s EC1 Sofa was chosen to furnish the employee lounge areas. The sofa provides a comfortable place to work, offering an increased seat height and optimised cushioning to offer active support for the sitter. An integrated power pixel unit is fitted into the arm for ease of access.
Further, the modularity of the sofa allows the space to be reconfigured depending on the needs of the office.

Sitting behind the sofa is a large workspace with Sky Wood chairs. The chairs commitment to comfort is designed within its wood veneer shell offering a lumber support and soft, smooth wood. The oak finish brings a natural warmth to the space continuing Oktra’s aim to bring a biophilic design throughout the office.

Continuing into the staff training area, the Sky Wood chairs also feature in this large open space. With tables on castors to compliment the chairs, the training area is required to be extremely flexible. The Sky Wood with its stackable base can be stored and moved out of the way carefree.

“The Sky wood chair is the perfect example of how a product can adapt in an agile office. Our new office has large areas that can be reconfigured to offer various functions. The Sky chair offers flexibility for conference style seating but also comfort for long hours spent sat at hot desk positions. Having a chair that could work as hard as the space was essential.” – Sam Chellingworth.

The Sky Wood in natural oak finish within the training area. Light and stackable for ease of storing.

For one of the many boardrooms, the Arena 4 star base and Forum Meeting table were selected. The two pieces create a softness within the room with their organic curves of the chairs upholstered shells and the tables barrel shape top.

The Forum is finished with a clear lacquered oak for the base and a Nero Ingo Fenix top. Both materials offer increased durability for a particularly active area.

Arena 4 star base in Fjord by Kvadrat and Forum Meeting Table with Nero Ingo Fenix top

Products used in this project