About Us

Since our foundation in 2009, Icons of Denmark have become known as the London home of Danish Design for commercial interiors.

Committed to bringing the very best of Danish design to the commercial interiors market in the UK and beyond, we work closely with a carefully considered circle of talented designers and craftsmen who hold a deep fascination for refined beauty, natural materials and functional design that the Danes pride themselves upon.

The minimalist composition of Danish furniture means it complements every environment, which is why Icons of Denmark work across every sector, industry and market.

Committed to Good Taste

We’re more than just curators. We are designers and craftsmen. Each piece we create is designed to serve a purpose in the modern working environment and celebrate Danish master craftsmanship. 

Fluent in Furniture

We love to open a dialogue with our clients; to have those essential conversations where we get to know one another and discover the impressions you’d like to make. We’re here to listen and consult; tailoring solutions that will adapt to your changing needs.

Two-Way Street

Alternating between the global and UK markets has given us exceptional insight into the melting pot where cultures converge – acquiring unique pieces that smoothly translate from the Danish to the international market and helping our clients become their own tastemakers.

Classically Modern

As the Danes have been doing for the last century, we like to mix the modern and classic. Each of our collections is inspired by the rich design heritage of Denmark, merged with the latest thinking in agile work styles.


Ours is a love story.
A conversation of the past with the present.
An obsession with design, furniture and our homeland.
A desire to share this with the world.
Balancing the contemporary and the classic.
Rethinking materials, shapes, designs.
Uniting master craftsmen with modern audiences.
Originality as standard.
Let’s turn the page.


What sparks originality?
Passion. Humour. Intelligence. The desire for change.
What makes an icon?
Reverence. Worship. Obsession. Resonance through time.
What creates master craftsmanship?
Care. Talent. Dedication.
What dictates skilled design?
Simple. Artistic. Uncontrived.
What do we want to create?
Stories that can be shared.