The Longevity of Reconfigurability

Being a sustainable business is not just about finding new ways of working or introducing new materials to the market. For Icons we focus on creating long lasting products based on high-quality manufacturing that can be adapted to different circumstances or environments, stepping away from the markets need for constant change and ‘fast furniture’.

With this in mind we have focused on providing a selection of product systems within our collection, each reconfigurable with the option to add or repurpose the parts and modules so they can grow with you and adapt to your business. The 4T system, EC1 Sofa and Bank Sofa are all product systems that can be reconfigured and added to depending on the spaces need.

All of our collection is built to sustain the activities of modern working environments and providing our customers with longevity of use. Along with their high-quality construction, we provide a 5-year manufacturers’ warranty and will replace or repair parts as our first course of action. This limits the need to replace the product, giving it an extended life which we know will be for generations.

The 4T System

The 4T is a modular system designed to divide space, creating a structural look with clean lines. The structure can be built out of a large selection of components that can be modified and worked with to create a number of possible solutions. Whether the space requires room division, more seating options or creative work boards, the 4T system provides a fully integrated creative solution.

The nature of the product lends itself to being reconfigured for the space it inhabits. As your workplace evolves, so too can the 4T System. By adding components, or adapting them to a new configuration the 4T can be infinitely reconfigured.

Supporting this endless reconfigurability, the 4T is made of a type of steel and connective material the ‘T-Iron’ rod. As it is particularly robust, the T-Irons can be disassembled and reassembled many times with the purpose to create new structures from existing.

Wall or ceiling mounted to freestanding and mobile: the 4T System can be transformed to cater to your new environment and it’s unique goals.

4T can integrate our Bank Sofas, as well as provide room division and privacy
The 4T Mobile units are constructed with the same T-iron, meaning if you no longer require moveable units, these can be rebuilt as room dividers or even to incorporate seating.

The EC1 Sofa - Modular Reconfigurability

The EC1 Sofa has been developed as system based on square sofa modules that can be reconfigured in multiple ways. Each module has been designed to fit to each other, allowing for the user to create their own configuration without the concern of inconsistent shapes. The modules can be connected together, even the back sides of the sofa, creating back to back solutions and optimising seating in areas with space constraints.

Workplace environments can rapidly change and the EC1 can adapt as you need it to. Whether the sofa pieces need separating into multiple configurations, or new modules are needed for the expanding workforce, the EC1’s design aesthetic lends itself to a clean and structured look, no matter the configuration.

The EC1 Sofa can be moved around and reconfigured depending on the needs of the space it inhabits

The Bank Sofa - Challenging purpose built banquette seating

Challenging conventional purpose-built banquette seating options, the Bank comes in 3 different modules – a 1, 2 or corner seat module, allowing you to choose a configuration to suit your space. It’s reconfigurability allows you to repurpose the sofa as you expand or move to new premises extending its longevity.

Concealed within the sofa’s simple geometry is a plush comfort created by high-density foam and exceptional upholstering. Bank also allows for power integration within all modules giving greater accessibility to the users for their technological needs.

The Bank Sofa range can be integrated into the 4T system, as well as standing independently as banquette seating

Choosing to be conscious

Choosing to reconfigure a product rather than replacing it with something new is an intelligent way of extending the lifecycle of the furniture piece. It not only limits the waste in furnishing a new project but reduces the environmental and financial cost, assisting you to remain conscious.

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