HYLO – Knotel

Elevating Modern Workspaces: The HYLO Project

In the heart of Central London, stands the HYLO building – A contemporary refurbishment of a 1960’s skyscraper.  Designed to seamlessly integrate environmental construction with world-class design, architects HCLA extended the original 16-story building with an additional 13 to incorporate extra workspaces and retail floors. More than doubling the leasable area from 12,000 to 25,800 square meters, the construction achieved a 35% saving of upfront embodied carbon, when compared to a new build.  Completed in 2021, HYLO was handed over to be fitted for ready-to-go workspaces.

The HYLO Building on Finsbury Square, Central London

What credits HYLO’s truly sustainable approach is its achievements of both Well Gold and BREEAM certifications, highlighting that the building is both a healthy place to work and built responsibly. The emphasis on thoughtful design ensures that HYLO is more than just an office space; it is a sanctuary where employees can thrive.

The reception on the 11th Floor at Knotel
4T System with reeded plexiglass used to divide spaces of the office

Knotel, a flexible workplace provider, fitted office spaces across multiple floors of HYLO. Working in collaboration with Knotel and Interior Design firm MMoser, Icons of Denmark provided a significant specification of our 4T System to be used as dividing partitions and creative workboards across the Knotel floors.

The 4T System is a reconfigurable, modular system designed to help divide space, provide privacy and offer creative surfaces, without the need for permanent partitioning. Built of 98% recycled steel, and 100% recyclable materials, the 4T System is responsibly made. Achieving Declare label status from the International Living Future Institute, the 4T System was the perfect choice for the HYLO building’s environmental objectives.

As you arrive at the reception of Knotel, the 4T System with reeded Perspex panels creates the backdrop of the area. Cleverly partitioning the services area behind it, the 4T configuration aesthetic is sleek and industrial with a black powder coating, blending in and complimenting the surrounding furniture.

Two 4T System partitions - Whiteboard panels with planter

Throughout Knotel’s space, hospitality is central to the design and is crafted to exude comfort and ambience. Plenty of lounging and collaborative zones accommodate different styles of working, with each of them zoned by Icons’ 4T System.  These flexible spaces accommodate a variety of activities, from work sessions to social gatherings, maximizing the utility of Knotel’s floor span.

Tucked neatly behind the partitions are Icons of Denmark Bank Sofas. Fitted against the 4T System, the Bank sofa provides ample seating space for the canteen and well-equipped beverage facilities, while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests.

The Canteen spaces with icons of Denmark Bank sofas

Moving up to the 18th Floor, Modus Workspace was tasked with creating a fit-for-purpose workspace that could accommodate The HYLO marketing team’s show floor. Furniture was chosen and provided by Platfform for the space.

Icons of Denmark’s involvement included supplying loose furniture items for the space, including lounge and meeting chairs, and a 4T Room configuration.


4T System Rooms
The Gab Lounge in Ultra Chocolate leather from Sorensen, and a smoked oak finish

Moving down again to the 7th floor and overlooking the city view through the floor-to-ceiling windows, the Gab Lounge from Icons features within the communal lounge space. The Gab Lounge is upholstered with high-quality Ultra leather from Sorensen, with the oak coloured in a smoked lacquer for a luxurious finish.

Continuing into the bookable meeting rooms, expansive conference tables are surrounded by Arena 4 Star base chairs, with 60 spread across the large conference rooms.

Designed to ergonomically support the lower back, the chair continues to offer support for up to 4 hours, transitioning from meeting to hot desk seamlessly.

The Arena 4 Star base chair in the reconfigurable conference space. Upholstered in Kvadrat Rewool 568.
Arena 4 Star base, upholstered in Kvadrat Melange Nap 951

HYLO stands as a testament to the building team’s expertise in blending design innovation with environmental responsibility. HYLO is not just a building; it is a symbol of the future of architecture and design, where human well-being and the workplace coexist harmoniously, setting a new standard for the modern office environment.

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