Boston Consulting Group

Icons of Denmark worked with Piercy & Co and Hunters on a new London HQ for global management consulting firm, Boston Consulting Group.

As a corporate headquarters, the building was designed with function and collaboration in mind to complement the innovative architecture and the firms’ working philosophy. Spread across four floors within the Charlotte Street office development in central London, the office spans over a total of 123,500 sqft of purpose-driven office space.

The atrium overlooking the 4 floors of office space for the new London HQ
The Arena 5 Star chair with the Facit meeting table.

“The space includes flexible clusters creating homogenous working environments reflecting the needs of the individual teams while a dedicated client meeting suite is supported by catering and coffee barista services for both clients and employees.”

Gardiner & Theobald, Project property consultants.

32 Arena Chairs on 5 Star Base within the collaborative meeting space.

Over the four floors, nearly 250 Arena chairs on 5 star base can be found. With the large number specified throughout the space, the chair was chosen for its flexibility of use – easily transitioning from a meeting chair to a product for short concentrative tasks.

The comfortable shell is moulded based on the accents of the back, curving around to offer lumbar support that follows through into the arms rests.

Smaller clusters of Arena Chairs sit within meeting rooms throughout the space.

Icons of Denmark worked closely with Piercy & Co to consult on the significant number of Facit tables specified throughout the project. As the tables needed to be adapted from our wide range of standard sizes, Icons worked with the architect team to provide technical drawings and assistance for the numerous tables. Everything from positioning power integration, cable covers, and desk screens needed to be included within the technical drawings ensuring the client’s requirements were addressed to the full extent.

The immense task resulted in the specification and subsequent production of 126 Facit tables, and 37 Forum tables throughout the Headquarters four floors. To date this is one of Icons’ largest and most complex workstation projects.

Long Facit workstations within the hot desking space. Fitted with hidden power integration and a 1600mm depth to support bigger working groups.

Several Facit workstations are included within the project throughout the hot-desking areas. For each area, the Facit tables offer different features depending on the purpose of the space.

For laptop-based work, the tables have been specified at 1600mm deep to provide enough room for two people to work opposite each other. Within the center of the workstations, power integration is present with the cable management hidden through the table leg to neatly tidy any cables.

Continuing through to more hot-desking space, the Facit workstations have been adapted to include integrated monitor arms and desk screens, providing increased accessibility for work activities and acoustic support.

Due to the nature and size of the project, Icons worked with the architects Piercy & Co to create the desk screen solution – the first time it has been employed on the Facit tables. Now used as a standard accessory within the Facit table collection, the desk screens are evidence of our solution-focused approach of designing furniture for modern work.

The Facit Workstations within the hot desking spaces, with integrated monitor arms and privacy desk screens.
Details of the power integration and desk screens on the table

Once more the Facit table proves its flexibility by being scaled down to create smaller meeting tables within the private meeting rooms. Over 100 of these compact size tables were used in meeting rooms across the four floors.

Based on many standard sizes, the Facit table is a diverse product that can be adapted to many different environments suiting the needs of the space.

The Facit Table in a smaller standard size of 900mm depth.

For client-facing and executive meeting rooms, our Forum table was specified. Creating a soft feel but exclusive look within the space, the solid oak legs are paired with a dark linoleum top that exudes warmth within the space.

The tables are completed with useful hidden power integration in the middle of the table ensuring accessibility for technological needs such as video and teleconferencing.

The Forum Meeting table in a barrel shape with 10 Arena 5 Star base chairs sitting around it.

Products used in this project