Introducing: The Sky Chair Family

Designed by Mia Lagerman, Sky is designed to match your activities in the workplace. Sculpted for comfort with just the right flexibility, the moulded shell provides comfort and supports users for an extended sit. The chair series is versatile and complements the diverse nature of work settings.

The Sky chair family

Jesper Jensen, company owner suggests, “Even with fewer parts and fewer materials, Sky remains everything a meeting chair should be” adding, “The refined profiles of the Sky family create a modern yet timeless expression.”

Woodstock flip top table, Sky chair sled base, Sky chair 4 leg

In addition to a variety of material options, bases can be customised to create storable, stackable solutions for meeting spaces or column-bases for executive and conference settings.

Kant workstation table, Sky chair 5 star castor base

Sky’s polypropylene shell has a distinctive matte texture and is available in a range of colours to complement any environment. The chair is also available upholstered for extra comfort, creating new visual statements.

Mia Lagerman - Designer of the Sky Chair


While many designers often are accused of getting lost in the form or concept of their products, this safely cannot be said for Mia Lagerman. Her work makes you aware of the intense scrutiny she pays to the ultimate user of the products – driving home the mantra of form following function.

Lagerman suggests, “Design is about finding the solution for a variety of materials, each with different characteristics and making them fit together.”

The Sky chair family is available to commercial users in all markets where Icons of Denmark products are sold. The chair will be launched at this year’s designjunction on 18th to 22nd September 2019.

Sky Wood chair in lacquered oak and bottle green