Introducing: the Arena chair family

Designed by Hans Thyge & Co, Arena is an elegant, minimalist expression of comfort. The sculpted curves of the polypropylene shell invite visitors to sit while the backrest softly cradles the sitter’s postures – perfect for conference spaces, public areas and meeting rooms.

Forum Meeting Table, Arena Chair 4 leg base

When designing the Arena chair, Hans Thyge & Co studied the different postures associated with work using a wide range of sitters. This research informed Arena’s profile. The sculpted curves of the armrests are perfect for moving and leaning without becoming an interference for taller sitters. The chair softly follows the contours of the back, providing gentle support for people seated for longer durations. With the 5-star base, the spring tilt also allows for extra flexibility and when resting into the chair.

Woodstock flip top table + Arena Chair swivel 4 star base, Level table, Firkant pouf

A different feel for each of the chairs is created from the rich combination of styles and materials available. Choose from elegant wood or a powder-coated metal four-leg frame with an upholstered or naked shell. 4 or 5-star bases are available with a fully upholstered shell in a range of luxury fabrics and leather. 5-star bases also come with a gas-lift mechanism for height-adjustability.

Woodstock round table and Arena Wood base
The team at Hans Thyge & Co.

Hans Thyge Raunkjær is an award-winning designer based in Nosminde, Aarhus. After receiving his training at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, Hans worked as a stage designer for the theatre group “Dueslaget” in Denmark and collaborated with some of Italy’s premier designers in Milan. Today, he leads his design studio, Hans Thyge & Co, a talented young collective that explores design through furniture, interiors and branding concepts.