Environmental product declarations now available

  • Posted: July 12, 2019

We’re happy to announces today the release of a new set of tools designed to help furniture consultants; interior designers and their clients obtain sustainability information on selected products. The report is known as an Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, and is composed to support applications for sustainability certifications such as SKA, LEED and BREEAM.

“Issuing these EPDs is another step in our ongoing journey towards sustainable outcomes” said Jesper Jensen, Company Owner. “Publishing these EPDs now,” added Jensen, “well before any formal requirement, is another example of how Icons is embracing new ways of becoming more sustainable and more transparent.” These EPDs can be found on selected datasheets available within the downloads section of the product categories on the website.

Environmental product declaration for the Bank sofa now available on the datasheet

What is an EPD?

An EPD is a verified Environmental Product Declaration, which reports environmental data of products based on a product breakdown and life cycle assessment (LCA) of recycled and recyclability of their collection.

Why a new environmental document?

More frequently, clients are requesting quantified environmental information that is direct, clear and easy to understand. The overall objective of the document is to provide relevant, verified ecological information. At the same time, EPDs can reflect the continuous environmental improvement of a company’s products and services over time and can communicate relevant information along a product’s supply chain.

How will customers benefit from this new environmental initiative?

EPDs help users make sounder decisions by understanding where any environmental challenges may exist in a product. Also, Environmental Product Declarations can contribute to new SKA, BREEAM and LEED resource credits. Another major benefit for customers is Icon’s work with its supply chain to find new and existing materials that can positively affect the environmental footprint of our products. An example of this is the new Bark lounge chair which is made of cork, a completely renewable resource.

The new Bark lounge chair from Icons of Denmark in cork, a renewable; biodegradable material