Ulrik Nordentoft (1971) and Sebastian Holmbäck have been part of Denmark’s flourishing design scene for almost two decades. After joining forces at the Danish Design School, they established HolmbäckNordentoft. Their work with furniture, lighting and interior design has earned them international recognition and several notable achievements, such as a Red Dot and the Best of the Best Design Award.

Philosophy & Approach
Their philosophy in their product design is to create long-lasting emotions: aesthetic elements generate excitement, and the solution’s tactile nature builds a warm comfort. For Sebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft the design process can be compared to the making of a diamond: the finer the details, the better the product – all of which requires understanding, focus and the will to improve our surroundings.

The studio suggests, “For us, the primary focus when creating new products is to unite all the complex aspects of product development, moving beyond the mere visual appearance of the final product. We represent a holistic approach where consideration for the environment, the consumer and economy matters equally.”

Designed By HolmbäckNordentoft