No. 7 Lounge Chair

Designed by Helge Sibast

Sibast No 7 Lounge takes its inspiration from the Sibast No 7 dining chair designed in 1953 by Helge Sibast. Now more than 60 years later the grandson of Helge Sibast, Ditlev Sibast interpreted the Sibast No 7 dining chair and together with his wife Anna he designed the Sibast No 7 Lounge chair.

Using the unique details from the Sibast No 7 like the large press moulded backrest and the slightly narrowed curve of the back legs Ditlev and Anna Sibast transformed the dining chair into the unique Sibast No 7 Lounge chair. Still carrying on the high quality craftsmanship and the relations represented by their family design heritage from the 1950’s.

  • Oak Soap
  • Oak Oil
  • Oak White Oil
  • Lacquered Oak
  • Oak Black Lacquered
  • Smoked Oak

Upholstered Seat

Grp 1: Remix, Hallingdal

Grp 2: Haakon

Leather Seat

Grp 1: Victory Black, Hero Cognac

Grp 2: Dunes (Anthracite and Cognac), Spectrum Honey

  • Width: 730mm
  • Depth: 625mm
  • Height: 685mm
  • Seat Height: 350mm