Arne Jacobsen, Icons of Denmark, danish designers

Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen, creator of The Egg and The Swan chair was an architect and designer who studied at the Royale Danish Academy of fine Arts and School of Architecture in Copenhagen. In his later years, he then became professor at the Royale Danish Academy.
As a designer he made a variety of products including, furniture, textiles, wallpapers, and silverware. He was most relaxed when he worked on his many projects and he paid a high attention to details, is one of the reasons for his success.



Borge Mogensen, Icons of DenmarkBørge Mogensen

Borge Mogensen graduated as a cabinetmaker in 1934, and then continued his studies of furniture design at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. Mogensen worked afterwards for FDB’s furniture design studio before he started his own design studio.

Borge Mogensens designs is successful in Denmark and abroad. His vision was to create simple and functional furniture, which had long durability. Some of his most famous furniture creations are the Spanish Chair, Oreklapstolen and the Tremmesofa. In 1972, he was given the title “Honorary Royal Designer for the Industry”.  




Peter J Lassen, Icons of Denmark, danish designersPeter J. Lassen

Peter J. Lassen is the brain and creator behind Montana Furniture. In 1982, he founded the company, in Haarby, Denmark. Today his son, Joakim Lassen is the CEO of the company, however Peter J. Lassen is still on the board and has an active role in the marketing and product development of Montana. 

From 1969 – 1979 Peter J. Lassen was the director for Fritz Hansen where he worked closely together with designers, Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon, Piet Hein and Verner Panton.

In 2004 he designed a new storage system called GRID and founded GRID Montana Group APS.



Wellig Ludvik, Icons of Denmark, danish designersWelling/Ludvik

Hee Welling is a Danish designer, who graduated in 2003 from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, where he specialized in product and furniture design. His most famous furniture is the Hee chair.

Gudmundur Ludvik started his studies at the Icelandic Academy of Arts and the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, where he graduated as a furniture designer in 2002.
In 2013, the two Danish designers Welling/Ludvik had their first project together in collaboration with the Danish design company called FREDERICIA. Together they created the polypropylene chair PATO.  



Christian Flindt, danish designers, icons of denmarkChristian Flindt

Christian Flindt is a Danish furniture designer, who studied Furniture Design at Aarhus Architect School and Architecture at the University of East London. He used to work as an architect in London and Melbourne, but since 2003, he started his own business in Copenhagen.

Flindt is a young and brave Danish designer, who is not afraid of trying something new and different. His most famous items are the Orchid chair, Ripple Chair and a selection of lamps he designed for the brand Louis Poulsen.



Johannes Foersom, Peter Hiort-Lorenzen, danish designersJohannes Foersom/Peter Hiort-Lorenzen

Foersom and Hiort-Lorenzen are two Danish designer, that have been collaborating since 1977. The Danish designers’ goal is to create continuing value and to stimulate a healthy development for the people’s surroundings. Throughout the years they have won a variety of awards for furniture design. 
Johannes Foersom studied to become a cabinetmaker in Copenhagen, graduating in 1969. He later went on to study at the Arts and Crafts School. Peter Hiort-Lorenzen began as a ship carpenter at Helsingør Shipyard in 1962. In 1965, he attended the Arts and Craft School, graduating in 1965, then moving to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1968.   



Karl Rossell, Tonny Glismand, Icons of DenmarkKarl Rossell and Tonny Glismand

Karl Rossell and Tonny Glismand are two Danish designers known as the ByKATO duo. They both worked for the Danish furniture company Bolia and then established their own company in 2010. ByKATO’s mission is to keep the furniture production in Denmark to ensure a standard of high quality. Together the two Danish designers won the “Wallpaper Design Award 2012” for best dining room table, by top international design magazine, ”Wallpaper”.  


Holmbäck Nordentoft, Icons of Denmark, Danish designersHolmbäck Nordentoft

Sebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft met while studying at the Danish Design School, where they graduated in 1998 and 2000. In 2008, the two Danish designers worked together on a design project, and afterwards they founded their studio together ”HolmbäckNordentoft”. 

Their philosophy is to let the design in their products and solutions extract emotions: The aesthetical elements to generate excitement, and a touchable meaningfulness and purpose to generate loyalty.  



Poul Volther, Icons of Denmark, Danish designersPoul M. Volther

Poul M. Volther, creator of the Cornona Chair was a Danish furniture designer and cabinet maker. Poul Volther taught at Denmark’s Design School, which led to his job at FDB, where he then worked together with Børge Mogensen. After Børge Mogensen left the company in 1959, Poul M. Volther took over. He went on to design a series of chairs and sofas, which can still be seen in homes throughout Denmark. Poul M. Volther believed in high quality craftsmanship, and while being a teacher he encouraged his students to avoid the short-lived trends.



Paul Leroy, Icons of DenmarkPaul Leroy

Paul Leroy has studied Architecture, Furniture design, Graphic and Industrial design at the Royal Danish School of Architecture. After Leroy’s graduation in 1987, he opened his own studio. The year after, Paustian launched Leroys coffetable.

Paul Lerou has a vision about creating intelligent and integrated solutions. and also finally creating and shaping substantial solutions. 


noergaard kach, danish designers, icons of denmarkNOERGAARD & KECHAYAS 

NOERGAARD & KECHAYAS is a Danish design duo. Christian Noergaard studied in Denmark, UK and Canada. In 2008 he graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen. Martin Kechayas graduated in 1996 with a degree in Furniture and Lighting Design from Danish School of Design in Copenhagen. The two designers are individual characters, which provide a strong dynamic collaboration. 


iskos-berlin, icons of denmark, danish designers.Iskos-Berlin

Iskos-Berlin is a design duo from St. Petersburg. Boris Berlin graduated from the Institute of Applied Arts and Design in St.Petersburg in 1975. Aleksej Iskos is from Kharkov, Ukraine. He studied architecture at Kharkov´s Institute of Civil Engineering. He moved to Denmark in 1991 and graduated from the Institute of Industrial Design from Denmark’s design school in 1996. In 2010 they decided to start Ikos-Berlin. 


Kibisi, bjarke ingels, icons of denmark, danish designersKiBiSi

KiBiSi was founded in Copenhagen by Danish designers: Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels Group and Jens Martin Skibsted in 2009. They all came from different backgrounds within the fields of architecture, design, furniture, electronics, transportation, contemporary culture and lifestyle. KiBiSi products should be the carrier of its brand idea, rather than the designer’s form and formula. KiBiSi designs often explore the potential of crossbreeding elements or attributes from different disciplines into new functional and aesthetic hybrids.



marte frostad, icons of denmark, danish furnitureMarta Frøystad

Marta Frøystad is a young Norwegian designer, with a master in Design from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Marta is the brain behind the Tosom XL chair.

As she put it – ”Tosom is an invitation to sit alone with a great book or sit with somebody you love. The chair has a lot of room to put up your feet and relax.” The chair design is based on traditional product but with a modern twist.  




hans thyge, icons of denmark, danish designersHans Thyge

Hans Thyge Raunkjaer received his design training at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen. He then worked as a stage designer for a theatre group “Duesiaget” in Denmark. He moved afterwards to Milan, where he worked with George Sowden Studios. In 1987, Thyge founded his own design studio, Hans Thyge & Co., in Milan, which he later moved to the east coast of Jutland in Denmark, 7 years later. Hans Thyge & Co principally works with the design of furniture and household items for manufacturers worldwide. They focus on ranges from the definitive detail and tactile expression to the large space around us.  




Morten Flensted, icons of denmark, danish designersMorten Flensted

Morten Flensted is an Danish industrial designer and the owner of the Danish design Company, Morten Flensted Design (MFD) located in Aarhus. The company focuses on industrial and graphic design. Morten Studied at the Danish design School in Kolding, later becoming the brain behind Twist table collection from 8000C. 







ejvind johansson, icons of denmark, danish designerEjvind A. Johansson

Ejvind A. Johansson is a Danish designer, he finished his education as a cabinet maker in 1942 and afterwards he went to the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. In 1956, he was employed by FDB, as the third cheif after Borge Mogensen and Poul M. Volther. He is often told to being before his time, and today many of his furniture pieces are still very popular. The J67 is one of his most famous creations.  







Strand+Hvass, Icons of denmark, danish designers


STRAND+HVASS is owned by the adventurous Danish designers Christina Strand and Niels Hvass. The couple started the company together in 1998, and are today located in a small studio at the top of a warehouse in Copenhagen. They both attended Denmark’s Design School in Copenhagen. 

Christina Strand is known for her famous chair ”Rex”, and despite her young age she is know to be one of the best designers. Niels Hvass believes in keeping things simple, and he would rather explore each material in its right context than prefer one particular material to any other. STRAND+HVASS loves to experiment with new shapes and materials with the purpose to create simplicity and functional products.  





Peter Barreth, Icons of denmark, danish designersPeter Barreth

Peter Barreth is a Danish designer and the cofounder of the brand Versus. He has worked as an in-house designer at Versus since 2010, in cooperation with Henrik Lerche. Peter Barreth is the third generation in his family to work within design, so you may say Peter has furniture in his blood. His style is very clean and has strong roots in traditional techniques and craftsmanship, influenced by Danish design of the 1960s.  




hannes Wettstein, icons of denmark, danish designersHannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein is from Ascona, Switzerland and he was a well-known Swiss industrial designer. Wettstein completed an apprenticeship as a structural engineering draughtsman. He has then trained himself as a designer and architect. In 1991, he founded his agency, Hannes Wettstain AG in Zurich, and at the same time taught at ETH Zurich from 1991-2001. 

The Studio Hannes Wettstein develops, creates and realizes everyday objects, furniture and interiors for international clients. Pure, unspectacular, functional design was the stamp of his lights and furniture.  



anne boysen, icons of denmark, danish designersAnne Boysen

Anne Boysen was born and raised in Southern Jutland, Denmark. Anne works as a freelancer in her own studio in Midtjylland in Denmark, where she has freedom to exhibit her work. 

Anne Boysen likes to play with different materials and shapes and combine them differently to find a new angel. She gets inspiration from the combination between architecture and art, which you can see in her work. Throughout the years, she won several different designs awards including “Talent of the Year”, “Best Upcoming Designer” and “Furniture of the Year”.  




karen Mimi, icons of denmarkKaren Mimi

Karen Mimi is designer at FUSS. She studied Design Technology at Copenhagen School of Technology from 2006 – 2008. FUSS design is about the unexpected twist, and making a ‘FUSS’.

Karen contributes to this with her unique signature design, working with interesting textures of material, graphic patterns and color interaction. The design is characterized by graphic minimalism and balanced calmness, inspired by a strong Nordic design heritage and a love for industrial knitting.  



massimo, icons of denmark, danish designersMassimo

Mads Frandsen founded Massimo in 2001. They aim to offer their customer’s excellent quality, first class service and competitive prices. Massimo design rugs, that are handmade and handwoven. The rugs are based on century-old tradition and techniques, creating a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present. Massimo love what they do, and enjoy every step of their journey.









Berit Mogensen, icons of denmark, danish designersBerit Mogensen Lopez

Berit Mogensen Lopez is a Danish designer with a background in art, fashion and textiles. She graduated from the Royale Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2001. Her work is very special and unique, where you will only see one of it is kind. Her collages are very graphic and she has a good feel for colours.







jorgen baekmark, icons of denmark, danish designersJorgen Baekmark

Jorgen Baekmark is a Danish furniture designer. In the late 1950s, he started working at the FDB design studio together with Borge Mogensen. Jorgen was given the opportunity to design furniture for export, because of the high demands of furniture abroad. He ended up designing the famous J80 chair amongst others