Peter J. Lassen

Peter J. Lassen (b. 1930) has a long-standing history with industrial design, moving at the age of 24 from a career as a naval officer into the furniture industry, where Lassen worked alongside Danish architects Arne Jacobsen, Piet Hein, Jørn Utzon, and Verner Panton.

His association with these designers and architects can be clearly seen in the refined, clean lines of GRID’s design.

Philosophy & approach
GRID arose from Lassen’s ambition to design an interior system with unprecedented adaptability for the user, be it commercial or artistic. An interior system that provides a visual expression without compromising functionality.

A major inspiration stems from the world of art, as Lassen suggests:

“Art inspires, gives us energy and sets us free. Good art is characterised by never fully revealing itself – there is always another layer, another interpretation – we never become tired of art or nature because there is always another angle.”

This inspiration is evident in GRID’s freedom, experience and adaptability.

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