Jørgen Baekmark

The architect Jørgen Bækmark (1929) was head of the FDB studio from 1958-1967, after Børge Mogensen, Poul M. Volther and Ejvind A. Johansson. Jørgen Bækmark trained as a cabinetmaker in 1950 and subsequently took a degree at the Design School. He is the only living designer from FDB.

Bækmark managed the FDB studio in a time when the demands for furniture were in decline. Nonetheless, he is behind several furniture classics such as J80 and J81 which were developed on the basis of one of the core skills of FDB’s factory – namely the braiding, turning and steam bending of wood. “When making furniture, you should really take into account production opportunities, demand and price. But sometimes, I disregarded with the economy. So I drew something I liked to look at and sit in.”

Jørgen Bækmark’s philosophy is that furniture should fit the people and not vice versa. Comfort is paramount, but the design is also a corner element. The combination has been found to work for many of Bækmark’s designs, which are still popular today.

“When I drew the furniture 50 years ago, I had never dreamed that they would be so popular and even be put into production again. I am very grateful for the recognition”.