Photograph by Villy Lund

Børge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen (1914-1972) is one of the most influential figures in Danish design. His philosophy and pioneering furniture design revolutionized the tradition-bound furniture industry and was one of the main forces in what was to make Danish design world renowned. Børge Mogensen was a trained cabinet maker and got his certificate in 1934. From 1930-42, he worked at Kaare Klint and Mogens Koch studios. He was then employed by FDB to design beautiful and functional furniture with solid craftsmanship – at a reasonable price, which ordinary people could afford. For this to be possible, both the design and production processes had to be restructured to be more rational and simple – quite unconventional for the time. He was the first head of the FDB studio in the period from 1942-1950. Today, so many years later, it’s clear to see that Børge Mogensen not only succeeded in simplifying furniture for FDB, he also put Denmark on the world map.