United Icons

United Icons is created to ensure that the UK market is exposed to the best possible Danish furniture, Icons of Denmark has carefully handpicked pieces in the highest end of Danish design and created a collection, “United Icons”. 
Icons of Denmark is your assurance of obtaining the best of Danish design.

During the past years, Danish design has been through radical changes. We are no longer only lead by the Golden Age of the 50s and 60s, but highly influenced by international market trends.

We have arrived in a new era, where past, presents and future unite. Wegner, Jacobsen and Mogensen remain our foundation for functionalism. A new generation of designers shape what Danish Design will be known for tomorrow. 

Talents such as Holmback/Nordentoft, Welling/Ludvik and Bykato has created their own DNA, by using new shapes, materials and techniques.

Clich here to take a look at our United Icons collection.

Icons of Denmark, United Icons