Icons of Denmark is a Danish furniture supplier and distribution company, that is dedicated to meet the designer and architect half way to develop suitable solutions.

To ensure the UK market is exposed to the best possible Danish furniture, Icons of Denmark has carefully handpicked pieces in the highest end of Danish design and created a collection, “United Icons”. Icons of Denmark is your assurance of obtaining the best of Danish design.

United Icons is a celebration of new and classic Danish furniture, from thirteen Danish suppliers. The Danish furniture suppliers are ranging from small independent furniture makers to large established manufacturers. The suppliers in Denmark come from different backgrounds and have their own stories.


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"GRID is the best choice in many contexts. It's the epitome og simplicity and flexibility and offers you endless variations - for your shop, museum, exhibition, special launch or event. A GRID is more than meets the eye. It's what you want it to be. Enjoy GRID" - Peter J. Lassen. 


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Montana's shelving modules can be used in infinite combinations. "What are you making? If your answer is 'solutions', then this is an ending. But if you answer: 'I am making possibilities', then it is an opening." - Peter J. Lassen. 


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