Icons of Denmark - London Home for Danish Design

Since our humble beginnings in 2009, Icons of Denmark have become widely known as the London home for Danish Design. Our furniture selections are showcased in some of the most illustrious office projects of 2015/16 (Saatchi & Saatchi, Expedia, BMW, Google and many more) and we were shortlisted by Mix Magazine for Furniture Provider of 2016, due in no small part to the new collection.

Icons of Denmark take a curational approach to organising the collection, carefully choosing designers that encapsulate the best in Danish Design. Owner, Jesper Jensen said, “Each item is defined by the natural materials, expert craftsmanship and the deeply perceptive attention to detail that Danes pride themselves on.”

Working alongside Kristina Haslund, Founder of Studio Haslund as well as consultant for Icons on hospitality projects, the new ensemble makes a departure from the stripped-back industrial ambience of recent years and looks to unify spaces through the balancing of natural light and visual warmth. Kristina said “Finding the union between light and warmth is absolutely essential to the daily tasks we undertake and the way we feel.”

The products presented in the new lookbook feel as comfortable in the office, at a hotel or even in the home. This new approach of merging audiences and spaces is something we’ve witnessed happening in London, “In a short space of time, we’ve seen modern office spaces become more like the home and the home turning into client’s offices. Our products help to blend that distinction by offering both comfort and luxury.”

With an elegant combination of design classics and contemporary works, the lookbook presents a modern world where the past meets with the future. Time-honored designs such as the No.1 Sofa from Børge Mogensen sit comfortably with modern originals like Hee Welling’s playful Smile Chair, or Space Copenhagen’s sculptural Swoon Chair. Jesper suggested, “For us, design is the exchange of ideas and stories. Between the past and the now. Between our clients and designers. Between Britain and Denmark. We aim to curate these great conversations.”

To showcase the collection, Icons of Denmark have acquired space in Clerkenwell; the heart of London’s design district.

United Icons is a collection of new and classic Danish furniture, from fifteen Danish suppliers. The Danish furniture suppliers are ranging from small independent furniture makers to large established manufacturers. The suppliers in Denmark come from different backgrounds and have their own stories.


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"GRID is the best choice in many contexts. It's the epitome of simplicity and flexibility and offers you endless variations - for your shop, museum, exhibition, special launch or event. A GRID is more than meets the eye. It's what you want it to be. Enjoy GRID" - Peter J. Lassen. 


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Montana's shelving modules can be used in infinite combinations. "What are you making? If your answer is 'solutions', then this is an ending. But if you answer: 'I am making possibilities', then it is an opening." - Peter J. Lassen. 


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